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New Zealand | Croatia |
South Florida | Pacific NW

Without incredible seaborne destinations Superyachts would have little purpose!


With a cruise lasting days, weeks or even months, knowing your route and what to expect before weighing anchor is essential. features a series of live webinars that offer the best in pre-cruise advice and also the very best that each global destination has to offer.

These webinars are presented by Yacht Agents, Captains or Guides that have extensive knowledge of each destination. Our live audience of professionals are taken on  virtual tours that culminate in verbal Q&A sessions. 

The recordings provide in-depth information to any owner, captain, crew, charter guest or explorer seeking out routes, places to visit, or information on journey preparation. We seek to educate in a lively, entertaining and enthusiastic way to help make your cruise an unforgettable experience! 

Click on the map below or on the menu to see the destinations we have already visited and to access the webinar videos!

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